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An Island Shaped by the Fierce Power of the Volcano

Santorini is a volcanic island of the Aegean Sea, standing out among all other islands of Cyclades thanks to its distinctive character and singular beauty. The whole island dates back to thousands of years ago, with the ever-present volcano shaping its current form. The caldera emerges from underneath the water and subtly depicts its imposing nature, with the black rocky formations taking your breath away. The waves splash on the rocks and leave you hanging from above, watching them as they bathe the blackness of the cliffs and then slowly return to the sea.
The major eruptions of the volcano have formed the Theran archipelago, with Santorini at the center and smaller islets surrounding it. The craters are found on these islets, where boats hold cruises on a daily basis for the visitors to see from up close the volcanic soil and the impact of lava on the land. A whole civilization turned into dust, but the island was reborn in time. You will still feel the volcanic aura overwhelming you, as soon as you take a step on the harbor of Santorini. And when visiting the ancient site of Akrotiri or dive in one of the beaches on the island resembling life on another planet, the volcano is what comes to mind.

Many years have passed since the last vibrations on the craters and still the Theran volcano maintains its emblematic form. It is the reason why Santorini preserves its unearthly nature and this is celebrated every year in September, with a special festival dedicated to the power of the volcano. Join the wonder of Santorini and feel the unique atmosphere surrounding you in an experience out of this world!
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