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Waving the flag of an outstanding gastronomic destination

The island of Santorini is a distinctive destination as far as gastronomy is concerned. The locally sourced products, the recipes, the wines you will have the chance to try here, are unique in the world. Nature has been rather "cruel" on Santorini but the local products grow delicious against the difficult weather conditions and the scarcity of water. The yielded fruit and vegetables are of exquisite taste not to be found elsewhere in the world. Most of the goods produced have acquired certification of origin due to their rareness and tastiness and thousands of food connoisseurs and gourmands praise their existence on an international level.

At the hotels and resorts of the Caldera Collection we offer our guests an authentic culinary experience starting with a Greek traditional breakfast consisting of the freshest products, as well as, a selection of handmade delicacies made of ingredients from local producers and, in certain cases, produced by us.

Beyond the classic options of a continental/international breakfast alongside the traditional local flavors, the daily menu choices vary and an alternating gastronomic experience is guaranteed.

At the Caldera Collection restaurants you will also be presented with countless opportunities for fine dining and wining through our inspiration menus which guarantee a memorable visual and gustatory experience and will upgrade your holiday to a culinary voyage. Our distinguished chefs use the freshest local ingredients from the land and sea and create dishes of both the local traditional Greek cuisine and dishes of creative international cuisine. Succulent meat, the catch-of-the-day, sensational desserts and an outstanding Greek and international wine list, come together to stimulate your taste buds and minds. 

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